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You are a recipient of The Teacher's Corner Award of Excellence.  Your class web site is very informative and contains a great deal of resources for your students.  It was also nice to see the great work your students had done. Once again, Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Jennifer Jensen  :-)
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Congratulations! You and your students' website has been awarded the Wonderful Webpage award.



Your site,Mr. Lewis Classroom , has been chosen as a winner of the Southern Nytes Award OF Elegance,for August,1999.Your site was visited and  found to be worthy of this award

Your site is also eligible for The Southern Nytes bronze,silver or gold award, which will be awarded at the end of the month .
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Hello Mr. Lewis & students:

Visiting your pages and the science projects (especially the tootpick bridges and the catapults) made me feel likea kid again!   So the next best thing I can do, is to award you my Prince George Maple Leaf, Canada Gold Mine Award.  Thanks for the classroom introduction. Congratulations - your site is displayed in my Hall of Fame.

Best wishes
Barbara Hammond

Dear Mr. Lewis,
As a park ranger i have challenged my summer science club to build an egg cage (of drinking straws) that will protect a raw egg for launch and landing from a catapult device of my design. Your students designs have inspired me for my final design, (still to be determined and tested.). Next year, I think I'll have them design the catapult, and I'll launch my eggs, much easier!
Thanks for the great site, keeep up the good work,
Ranger John

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ArmonWeb Creativity Award

We went through your pages very carefully and liked  what we saw. :)
Therefore we decided the following:
Your web site displayed great creativity and very fine use of graphics on your pages. Also we found your site easy to navigate. For the above mentioned reasons you will receive the   " ArmonWeb Originality Award "



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