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OK Gang, so you've been putting in a lot of work huh?  I've just spent the entire morning at your site, and am completley amazed!  The content is great and the humor is good. I love seeing ideas in action, and I like the way you are incorporating the physics and biology ideas into your classroom.  I have passed the page onto the biology department at the college where I work (they're gonna love it).  I'm happy to present you with the Greg's Place Excellent Site for Teachers award. 

Thanks for creating such wonderful web pages and such useful teacher resources!

Have a great day, and keep up the good work.
Greg's Place for Teachers

You have won the "Weirdos and Wackos of the Web" Award.

Dick Grogan

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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Hello and Congratulations!!
You have received Spyder's Empire's COOL Site Award


Thank you again, and congratulations!

Nancy Imelda Schafer
Spyder's Empire

Congratulations !!!

Please be assured that your site WAS visited and has beaten off a lot of competition to win this award. Your site has been added to the Gold Standard Winners Directory.

The GuestDirect Gold Standard Awards 1999


Your Web page has been selected as a "Wise Owl Site of the Month" for June 1999, in recognition of exemplary design and educational excellence.   Wise Owl recognizes World Wide Web sites which combine content and sound design principles into resources students and educators will find useful.

No more than two sites are selected each month.
Congratulations, and thanks for your participation in this program!

Wise Owl.

What a fabulous site you have here!!!!  Great idea and I love that frog!!!!!  Here is your shack award!  I am off to a state tournament baseball game and didn't have time to surf your whole site but definetly will when I return.  Keep up the GREAT work!




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