Thanks to all the Wonderful WebMasters that have Honored us with their Awards.


    Very Good Site! We are pleased to present you with the GOLD AWARD for your web site design. We loved the originality of the information you presented so we will also give you the A+ Home AWARD.

Your name will be up in lights on our awards page.
Regards From:
JB@Trinidad and SOL
Web designers

Dear Mr. Lewis and Students:

Congratulations!  Your site is certainly deserving of the Brwnilocks Jumping Cow Award!  Not only is your site very interesting, well laid out and nicely presented, it is also enjoyably humorous!  My 10 yr. old son & I enjoyed seeing the toothpick bridges and seeing how much weight they could hold.  I bet your students must love your classes.  Keep up the great work!

Brwnilocks :)

Congratulations!  Your site has been Pulp Approved!  I have reviewed your site  It is very interesting and nicely desigened.  I was very pleased and I feel that you deserve my award


Thank you for directing me to your site.  I enjoyed my visit and I learned something new.  I am most pleased to award you with the BRONZE AWARD.

Success to all of you!



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