Thanks to all the Wonderful WebMasters that have Honored us with their Awards.

Mr. Lewis,
Your website looks great and it was very interesting. I really liked the projects you've assigned.  It was a lot more interesting than the things I remember doing in science class.

Keep up the good work.



Your page has been added to my winners page and I am happy to recommend your great work to others.

Congratulations again ... and have a beautiful day!



Dear Richard,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the "Mark of Excellence" award.   Mr. Lewis Classroom was a joy to visit with loads of interesting pages.  I loved the Projects, and also found the humor engaging.  Your talent for making learning fun is an exceptional asset.  My best wishes to you and your students.

Warm Regards,
A Designing Woman I & II


Congratulations!  Your site has qualified for the Gifted Fox Award . Definitely, a wonderful site!

Keep up the great work!!!

I have just visited you website and was very pleased with my visit. I am so happy to see a differance being made on the world wide web and that is why I would like to present my award to you. I only give out my award if I was pleased to see someone making a differance on the www as your site certainly has, you certainly deserve it!! 



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