Seasonal Awards


I have visited your site and spent a great deal of time There. I am very impressed with you and your class. Great  job!! It makes me feel a whole lot safer knowing that there are curious, intelligent and energetic young spirits in this world. And you, Mr. Lewis, have that rare and much needed dedication to your students. Thank you so much!!  I am pleased to present your site (and to everyone involved) my highest award. The Spellbinding Site Award  I am also presenting you with the Grail Award for Creative Excellence


Take Care, and congrats again
The Seventh Planet



Hi Richard,

Just a note to say you have a boo-rific Halloween homepage !  Please accept this small award and Thanks for having such a great Halloween page

BonnieBoo's Happy Holidays


Greetings Mr. Lewis and classroom!
It is with Great honor that I got the opportunity to visit your wonderful site and present you with the Christmas Homespun Design's Great Site Award!

Happy Holidays,

Dear Mr. Lewis,

  We have visited your site and are very honored to present you and your students with our Christmas award!  You have an amazing site and an amazing classroom!   You must be very proud of your students.  It looks like they are doing some incredible things, thanks to you.  Keep up the great work you are doing here Mr. Lewis!  We will add you to our list of winners.  Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your students!

Bill and Bunnie Deem
PopPop and Nana's Country Christmas Cottage

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