Seasonal Awards

During the night we crawled over the web to have a look at your website and wanted to say how much we liked it and would like to award you with the Official Halloween Online Website Award.  We will also be adding a link to your website at our Official Halloween Links Site.

Happy Haunting,
The Awards Keeper
Spooky & Wraith
Halloween Online

"Happy Halloween!"

Hi Mr. Lewis,
I hope you enjoy my award, and Happy Halloween!!


Hi there!
We just got back from your site and thought it was great!!!
So, congratulations you have won our brand new;
 Cat & Sam's 1999-2000 award!!!!

We really enjoyed our visit while at your page.

I will be adding a link to your site in the very near future, I think others should enjoy it as much as we have.

Have a great day
Cat & Sam


Your site has been chosen to
receive my Chicken Skin Site Award.
This award is for my favorite Halloween sites.

Mr. Lewis and Class, your site is wonderful !!!
When I was in high school (a very long time ago), science and math were my favorite subjects! I am now a pharmacist here in Nevada and work for an infusion company, so all those classes come into play on a daily basis!!

The graphics and layout of your site are just beautiful and you certainly deserve a Chicken Skin site award.

Keep up the good work, I'll bookmark your site and check in again later!
Happy haunting!!


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