Thanks to all the Wonderful WebMasters that have Honored us with their Awards.


Thanks for all the hard work you've put into your page, and enjoy your award -
- you've earned it! Socrates -

Chef Cool Award / 91.4 % Score

Congratulations your web site has won the "Chefcool Award" for a great web
page. Your site received an overall score of 91.4%. You must receive a score of
70% or more to be eligible. I really enjoyed your homepage. You have done a great job with it.

The Speaker Award

I have had a look at your site & am happy to give you the Speaker Award!
Karrie :-)

The Home Grown Award of Excellence


Cookie Award

Dear Richard,

I have visited your site and I am honored to be awarding your site the cookie award. I love that frog on your front page. And the overall layout and colors are well balanced. Great job and I'll definitely be visiting it again soon.


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