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To help you get started on your project today I've prepared an Internet tour. You will research the following web sites and answer each corresponding question. At the conclusion are some general questions to be answered, which take into account everything you've viewed.


1. List four types of bridge structures.


2. Which type of bridge structure would be most suitable for a 700' span across a deep canyon gorge?


3. Which bridge in Cincinnati is nick-named for a hamburger chain and


4. Which bridge in Cincinnati was the 1st standard cantilever truss bridge ever built and when?


5. For support which is better a truss or a beam?

Why ?

6. Why is the triangle the basic unit of any truss?


7. Who was the 1st American to use mathematical calculations in truss design and when?

8. List and compare the three most common travel surface (roadbed) configurations.

9. Why is a Queen Post truss less stable than a King Post truss?

10. Draw a diagram to show the differences between a multiple King Post truss and a Howe truss.


11. Who holds the class record in Mr. Lewis' Classroom for the Toothpick Bridge Competition and what is the winning ratio?



Why were most present day bridge designs developed during the mid- to late 1800's?

Based on your research to this point select which type of bridge structure would be best suited for your bridge project and justify your selection.


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