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Project #1:     WCHS Bridge Projects

Our first Physics Class project of the year is to construct a bridge from wooden toothpicks and wood glue. Each bridge is to be designed at the students discretion, using principles learned in the Physics Lab & Classroom. Students always bring in bridges of every imaginable design. After initial examination, each bridge is tested for basic principles and strength.

Mt Juliet Bridge Projects 1996 - 2001


Push That Load !

Project #2:     WCHS Catapult Projects

Our second class project is to design and construct a Catapult. Each student is to design a Catapult using readily available materials, and applying the principles learned in the Physics Lab & Classroom. The Catapults are evaluated on design concept in the Classroom.  Then all designs are tested on the Football Field for distance and accuracy. The winning Catapult Design will be shown here.

Mt Juliet Catapult Projects 1996 - 2001

Project #3:   WCHS Roller Coaster Projects

      Mt. Juliet Roller Coaster Projects

Project number 3 is to construct a roller coaster. This demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy. Updates will be posted here. Pictured below is the 1997 students first attempt at designing and building their own roller coaster.

                What Do You Mean, EGG DROP ?????

Project #4:  Egg Drop Projects

Project number 4 is always The Famous Egg Drop: Pictured below is the final outcome of each years Egg Drop Competition.


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