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Science Department Faculty


The Following Photos were taken during
a recent Science Department Meeting held in Hawaii.

Science Faculty

Mr Grissim

Mr Mercer

Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Bolus

Mrs. Dykas

Mrs. Huxford

Mr. Larry Grissim  = Biology I


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Mr Jim Mercer = Physical Science, Biology I, Ecology & Geology

BS in Biology    Belmont University 1968

MST in Biology & Earth Science    MTSU 1983

+30 at MTSU & Peabody

Married  all his life

Wife.... Sherry

3 Children (all college grads)

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Mrs. Bridgette Lewis = Chemistry I, Honors Biology, Biology I, Biology II

BS in Biology    MTSU

Married 19 years

Husband, Stewart

Son.... Max (11)

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Mrs. Roberta Bolus = Biology 1, Physial Science


Mrs. Cheri Dykas = Biology I, Gateway Biology, World Geography

B.S. Biology

M.A.T.  Kent State University

Mrs. Betty Huxford = Earth Science, Life Sciene

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