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Catapults 2001

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Wilson Central High School
Physics Class Project


David Foster
Winning Catapult

Mass = 0.354 Kg

Distance = 96 Feet

Ratio = 82.66 m/K

2nd Place
Josh Barker

Mass  = 1.796 Kg.

Distance = 135 Feet

Ratio = 22.91 m/Kg

3rd Place

Kenny Degenhardt

Mass.........1.762 Kg

Distance....126 ft

Ratio..........21.79 m/Kg


2001 Class Mean Average 58.5 Feet

Now for the rest

BTW...Something strange I saw
in the classroom that day...

Is it the spirit of Merlin...
or just a Punjabi that no one else sees ??

All I remember is that it was
Looking for Someone
named Harvey The Rabbit



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