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Welcome To Mr Lewis Classroom

BiologyThe Great Dancing Frog Physics

Neat... But Just who the heck is Mr. Lewis ?

Mr Lewis Thinking about Summer School !

Mr. Lewis Alfred E. Newman for President !

Teacher of Physics & Biology

Mt. Juliet High School

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

About 15 miles East of Nashville, TN.

Reasons for this Web Site

I started this web site in 1995 to show off my students and their work in Physics and Biology class. The students have contributed greatly to this site, as well as instructors from as far away as Australia. We receive E-mail from all over asking about Roller Coasters, Egg Drops, Catapults and more.

Open All Night For Your Entertainment and Viewing Pleasure.We have tried to post a sample of Class Projects from each years Physics Classes. In addition you will find a wide assortment of Common Molecules on display in the Classroom section, as well as a large collection of 3D Java Enhanced Molecules on the Biology Page.

We have Pictures of Our Classes, Winners from competitions, a Jukebox with almost 100 Midi Files online, the first of a Lecture Series, Mt. Juliet Science Award Winners listed, and more online here.

Be sure and check out the awards we have been honored with from other Webmasters in the Internet Awards section. But above all, look around and enjoy

yourself. E-mail if you have a question. Check back often, This web site changes almost daily in some way. We are constantly updating the files.

We would love to collect ideas from other Science Teachers in the K-12 grade levels, and gather information from around the world about Biology and Physics. So if you have any ideas for projects, Lesson Plans, Instructions, Ideas, or whatever, let me know.. I could use the help. All donations of ideas and assistance will be posted here on this Web Site with credit given..

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