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 Zack Newton's Flying Tee-Pee Egg Drop Machine

Zack Newton

The Famous Flying Tee-Pee

The only Egg Drop Experiment that did not break the Egg. Designed and built by Zack Newton. 1997 - 1998
This Carrier was dropped from the Roof of the High School, onto the concrete sidewalk below. But  the egg was still intact, unbroken, without a crack. The one and Only winner of the Egg Drop Experiment..

Zack Newton's

Flying Tee - Pee

8th Wonder of the World

Flying Tee - Pee
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Please note:

Zack Newton's Flying Tee - Pee Design for his Egg Drop experiment, was a innovative design.

It was the ONLY design that proved to be successful.
In order to get a larger view of the Tee - Pee, just click on the Tee - Pee that is in color.


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