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1999 - 2000
1st Term

1st Term Winner
Aaron Davis & Leanne Talley

Built by
Aaron Davis and Leanne Talley
1st Place

Weighed 0.09Kg,
Egg Thrown  54.0 feet,
Ratio of 182.88 Meters per Kg

Built from Aluminum Arrow Shafts


Jason Garton & Matt Rogers
2nd Place

Weight  .22 Kg.
Egg Thrown 108.0 Feet
Ratio 149.63 Meters pr Kg

Built from Dowel Sticks

Josh Bush
3rd Place

Weight .52 Kg.
Egg Thrown 171.0 Feet
Ratio 100.23 Meters per Kg.

Made from Graphite Golf Club Shafts

99-2000 Class
Mean Range

70.4 Feet

  1999 - 2000
2nd Term

First Place
Jason Myatt & Harry Woods

Weight...0.28 Kg
Distance...66 ft
Ratio...71.9 m/Kg

Second Place
Casey Chansler

Weight...0.24 Kg
Distance...39 ft
Ratio...49.5 m/Kg

Third Place
Ryan Head

Weight...0.28 Kg
Distance...45 ft
Ratio...48.9 m/Kg

The mean distance for the class was 73 feet...

Fun and Excitment
At the World Famous
Catapult Trials

This first pic is an attempt for the distance record using an oversize device...

built by Andy Garrett and Josh Scholes
Weight...1.93 Kg
Distance...120 ft
Ratio...27.9 m/Kg

From the Largest to the Smallest...

KaShawna Patton
Weight...0.28 Kg
Distance...18 ft
Ratio...23.4 m/Kg

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